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Bark and Tim: A True Story of Friendship

by Audrey Glassman Vernick and
Ellen Glassman Gidaro
illustrated by Tim Brown
Overmountain Press, 2003

Tim Brown's autobiographical artwork, about his boyhood in Mississippi, inspired sisters Audrey Glassman Vernick and Ellen Glassman Gidaro to write Bark and Tim: A True Story of Friendship.

"There was something so sweet, simple, and moving about his paintings that we kept coming back to," Audrey said. "It seemed like those paintings had a story to tell."

Once they hatched the idea to write about Bark and Tim, Audrey and Ellen imagined themselves traveling to Mississippi to interview Tim about his childhood.

They soon learned that Tim insists on maintaining absolute privacy. He preferred to be interviewed through the mail. They also learned, through a series of back-and-forth questions, that he is a self-taught artist who began painting because he had no photographs from his childhood, and he wanted to preserve and share his memories.

According to Ellen, "It is our great honor to share Tim's pictures through this book. Although we will probably never meet him, we feel as though we share a strong bond with this man whose artwork touches us so deeply."